Often with the arrival of a baby, we ask ourselves a thousand questions to know what equipment is necessary to buy and what we should leave aside. This is not an easy task, especially since, depending on personal habits and habits, some childcare accessories may be essential for one mother and completely futile for another.

When it comes to traveling with babies, dilemmas are just as important. Is it really necessary to buy a cot? While these portable beds allow babies to move with their parents, many hotels and B&Bs today already offer this service. Can we do without it?

As an international family that has made several trips with babies to France and Bulgaria, I can tell you that the cot has many advantages that make it an essential accessory in my opinion.

If you also have a baby on the move, here are our 6 reasons why we advise you to equip yourself with a cot for babies up to about the age of 3 years.

1. for the freedom of movement offered by an umbrella bed

Nowadays, more and more establishments are equipped, but you will also be surprised to learn that many of them do not offer a cot, but only cribs (therefore without barriers). Having your own extra bed is, therefore, the guarantee of being able to sleep baby safely wherever you are, no matter what constraints you encounter and no matter what unpleasant surprises you may encounter.

Also if you are visiting friends for an evening, being able to put your baby in the cot he already knows, leaves some hopes of spending a (more or less) quiet evening.

2. Because there is a very wide choice of umbrella beds adapted to all needs

We are lucky to have a very (too) wide choice of umbrella beds adapted to all needs and budgets. From the lightweight folding bed that is carried in the form of a backpack to the comfortable evolutionary beds that are later transformed into a playground and even recently into extra bed tents. A very complete range can be found in the La Redoute umbrella bed section, for example.

And if you hesitate between several models, you can consult here a classification of the best umbrella beds.

You can also discover in this article our Sena umbrella bed from Nuna, which accompanied us during our travels in the South. It is very comfortable and extremely easy to open and fold even for dummies (like me).

3. For the quality of your child’s sleep, on which the tranquillity of your stay will depend

We’re not going to lie to each other, we’re not traveling with a baby as we did as a couple. It is important to respect as much as possible the peak cycles of toddlers. During the day the stroller can be a great help, but it is also important that the child is well-rested at night. If you put him in a comfortable bed that he already knows with his cuddly toy and toys, the chances of having quieter nights are increased. And when you say restful nights, you mean less crying from fatigue during the day.

Nevertheless, from my own experience, it is also preferable to avoid frequent travel during a road trip for example and to try to land at least 2 days in a row in a place.

4. To ensure the baby’s safety

This point comes in fourth place, but it is not the least important! Buying a comfortable and standard-compliant cot guarantees your baby’s safety.

Obviously, before purchasing the extra bed, it is necessary to ensure that it is approved according to French and European standards. It is important to have a stable bed, with non-slip feet, well ventilated on the sides, with padded corners, to prevent the child from getting hurt. The cot is the secure space where you can leave your baby when you are on the move.

I still have a bad memory of my son who managed to fall out of a bed, even though we tried to secure him with cushions. A word of advice to avoid D DIY systems, especially for babies. Safety is important for your child and also for your peace of mind when traveling.

5. For baby’s sleeping comfort

Being able to place your baby flat in a comfortable bed is even more important when travelling. It is often not advisable to leave babies in a stroller for more than 2 hours in a row, as their backs are not completely flat. In these cases, it is all the more important to have a comfortable extra bed.

For optimal comfort, it is preferable that the mattress is thick enough not to wrinkle when the child wriggles too much in his little bed. A good mattress for the little one is a cozy mattress. This is one of the most important criteria for choosing an umbrella bed. Some extra beds have the advantage of being very light but have very thin mattresses. Ideally, it will be necessary to succeed in combining comfort and practicality when choosing the umbrella bed (not always very obvious).

6. For the cool accessories with which a cot can be sold.

Special mention of the changing table in a nomadic way that can be clipped on some beds. This greatly reduces the need to break your back to change baby when you are traveling. An invaluable asset.

Many modular umbrella beds can also be transformed into a playground where babies can play safely on the move.

Quite practical on holidays too.

And how do you ensure that your babies and toddlers sleep when traveling?

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