It was in the 10th round that Patrick Day was knocked out on Saturday night in Chicago’s Wintrust Arena after a terrible left hook from Charles Conwell.


American boxer Patrick Day, who had been in critical condition since the violent KO he suffered on Saturday evening, died at the age of 27 on Wednesday as a result of his brain injury.

“Patrick Day died on October 16, 2019, as a result of the traumatic brain injury he suffered in his fight” super-welters against his compatriot Charles Conwell, says a statement from fight promoter Lou DiBella.

“He was surrounded by his family, close friends and team members, including his mentor, friend, and coach Joe Higgins. On behalf of Patrick’s family, team and loved ones, we are grateful for the prayers, support, and love Pat has received since his injury,” said Lou DiBella.

It was in the 10th round that Patrick Day was knocked out on Saturday night in Chicago’s Wintrust Arena after a terrible left hook from Conwell, his head had hit the carpet hard.

He had been battered throughout the fight and had already wavered just before to one of his opponent’s right.

Patrick Day was unconsciously evacuated on a stretcher and transported to the city’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where he underwent emergency brain surgery. In a coma since then, he was in the intensive care unit of the hospital.

This fight marked his return to the ring after a defeat in June in New York against Carlos Adames, his fourth in 22 fights during his professional career that began in 2013.


Third dead boxer this year

Many tributes have been paid to the boxer on social networks, starting with the vibrant statement of his opponent Charles Conwell: “I never wanted all this to happen… I thought about leaving boxing… I know you’re a fighter at heart so I decided… I decided to win the world title because that’s what you wanted and that’s what I want. »

The International Boxing Federation of England (WBC) refers to a boxer who is “always kind, happy and an exceptional man, passionate about boxing. We will always remember you.

Patrick Day is at least the third professional boxer to die from ring injuries this year.

Argentine boxer Hugo Santillan died in July after a fight in San Nicolas, just north of Buenos Aires. His death came just two days after that of Russian Maxim Dadashev following a brain injury sustained during a fight against Puerto Rican Subriel Matias in Maryland (eastern United States).

In his statement, Lou DiBella indirectly called on the authorities to adopt stricter safety standards around a boxing match, without going into detail.

“It is very difficult to explain or justify the dangers of boxing at a time like this. However, the time has come to take action. Although we don’t have the answers, we know the many questions to ask and we have the means to answer them responsibly, to make boxing safer for all participants,” he wrote.

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  1. Sad, but…Why would we be shocked by this? A sport whose goal is to have one combatant knock another into unconsciousness is brutal and unnecessary in the 21st century. Rest in peace, Patrick. Your death was so senseless.

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