DISASTER A total of eight people were found in the rubble, including one deceased victim


A seven-story building collapsed on Saturday in the residential district of Fortaleza, in northeastern Brazil. The spectacular incident killed at least one person, and ten others are missing. “Eight people were pulled out of the rubble,” the fire chief told reporters. Unfortunately, one of them was dead. “Rescue is still trying to locate the missing persons.


A middle-class neighborhood
On impressive images relayed by local television, we see piles of ochre-colored cement debris under a thick cloud of dust. The causes of the collapse have still not been established.

The building was located in Dionisio Torres, a middle-class neighborhood near the beach of Iracema, one of Fortaleza’s main tourist attractions. In April, 24 people died in the collapse of two illegally built buildings in a favela in Rio de Janeiro.

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