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Mobile phone advantage disadvantage environmental impact disadvantage

Risks and health effects of mobile phones: stress, cellular oxidation. If a smartphone is mainly used for telephoning, sending SMS messages, checking emails, etc., it requires precautions for its use in terms of health (psychological, physical and neurological) and safety. Discover its advantages and disadvantages that impact your integrity, privacy and health. There are solutions […]

The surrealistic terms of use of the Apple Card

Available since August 6 in the United States, the iPhone manufacturer’s credit card needs to be handled with care. According to Apple, it should not come into contact with “leather” or “jeans”, nor be stored with other credit cards… The Apple Card is definitely not a credit card like any other. Launched in early August […]

Goodbye, Old iPhone: This Could Be 40X Better

On the off chance that you claim Apple’s stock, know somebody who does, or have even considered getting it… there’s something you have to know. On the off chance that history has shown us anything, you could pass up something HUGE. There could be a lord’s payment available for anyone as what could be Apple’s […]

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