1.  It’s about a guy who goes to the bathroom in a public place. The first one is busy

     and he enters the second one. He barely puts himself on the bowl when he hears it:

      Hi! How are you? How are you?
Surprised, he thinks it’s a strange place to make friends with someone, but hey,

      you don’t choose!

     Well, that’s all right, he said embarrassed?
What are you doing? What are you doing?
Well, I’m doing what you’re doing… CaCa
And then he hears:

     Look, I’ll call you later, there’s a jerk next door who answers all my questions!

2.  I would gladly agree that women are superior to us if it would deter them from

     claiming to be our equals.

3. She: I love you
Him: I love myself too

4. If everyone agrees with you, it is because you are remarkably intelligent or because

     you are the boss…

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