George’s parents, Charlotte and Louis will fly away on October 14 to Pakistan. After a stop in Islamabad, the country’s capital, they will continue their journey in the countryside, near the border with India.

After the Sussex, around Cambridge to go on an official trip. Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, will travel to Pakistan for a five-day stay from Monday, October 14 to Friday, October 18. The objective? Proving that this country, which borders Iran and Afghanistan, among others, is “a dynamic, ambitious and forward-looking country”, the palace says. Nevertheless, “taking into account logistical and security issues”, one of the spokespersons assures him that this is the “most complex” and sensitive tour of the princely couple abroad.

While so far so few details had filtered out, Kensington Palace unveiled the program on Friday, October 4. Flying aboard a Royal Air Force, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will land in Islamabad, the nation’s capital, on Monday, October 14. After this first stage, they will continue their journey to Lahore, then to the mountains, the northern countryside and the border with India, all located in the west of the country.

“The Duke and Duchess have asked that this tour allow them to meet as many Pakistanis as possible,” spokesman Christian Jones said in a statement to reporters, as Harper’s Bazaar reports. Both government officials and business leaders as well as environmental advocates.

William and Kate, who will travel without their children – George, Charlotte, and Louis – will discover how some Pakistani communities are adapting to the effects of climate change. Last year, the country experienced catastrophic floods. These have affected nearly five million people and caused the deaths of more than 800 people, according to the British magazine.

Another key point of the Cambridge official tour was the empowerment of women. “Access to quality education, especially for girls and young women, is one of the United Kingdom’s top priorities in Pakistan,” says the Kensington Palace official.

Objective: to seal Anglo-Pakistani friendship

William and Kate will not travel alone on the spot. A team of fourteen people will ensure their safety and that everything goes according to plan. Among them: private secretaries Catherine Quinn and Simon Case, communications director Christian Jones and a private hairdresser. Probably Amanda Cook Tucker, who follows the Duchess of Cambridge in all her travels.

However, the journey of Prince Charles’ eldest son and his wife is not insignificant. And for good reason: it aims to cement the ties between the United Kingdom and Pakistan. As one palace assistant recalled: “What happens in Pakistan counts in the streets of Britain.” However, for security reasons, no official exit will be communicated before D-Day.


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