If you still think that the G-spot is an urban legend… We explain everything to you without taboos, with a selection of the most effective vibrators to stimulate it and even more fun!

Executive Summary

  • Concentrated innovation: We-vibe
  • Bestseller: Apollo magic wand
  • Double head: Newly
  • Stimulation by heat: Vtintech
  • Multifunctionality: Xtxwen


Why is this point G?

For thousands of years, the G spot has had many nicknames: “internal clitoris”, “the beautiful madwoman” or “the black pearl”… the name “G spot” will be definitively registered in 1944, when doctor Grafenberg will give it his name. Not so complex after all!
More or less sensitive according to women, the potential of the G-spot is worked on. This allows access to a more intense and longer orgasm than a clitoral orgasm. Identifying it is, therefore, a major asset.


Where is the G spot?

The G-spot exists, all right. But then we wonder: where exactly?
This is one of the most frequently asked sex questions on Google by users (between 18 and 65 years old) and according to a Durex study.
Indeed, the famous G spot, which has made people talk so much over the years, is not a specific button that can be activated or deactivated.
It is actually an area, more or less wide, that is close to the entrance of the vagina.
In concrete terms, it is located on the front wall of the vagina, about 5 to 8 centimeters deep, depending on each woman.
This specific area is rough and spongy, similar to that of the clitoris.
It is a complex chain of nerve endings with enormous potential for sexual pleasure, which can lead to orgasm more easily and quickly.
It is therefore suggested that you go through these few lines and then start practicing yourself before guiding your partner.
No one will know each other better than you!


What position to reach the G-point?

Some positions are more favorable than others when you want to reach orgasm with the G-spot. This is particularly the case for doggies. With the latter, your partner can easily reach the anterior surface of the vagina.

In addition, the rider’s position (when you are above) allows the woman to direct the direction and movement of the penis.

Finally, the missionary remains a sure bet… but with his “legs in the air”, heels resting on your partner’s shoulders. This position is indeed a royal way to pleasure, especially if your buttocks are slightly raised by your partner.


How to stimulate the G spot?

The most common technique to stimulate the G spot is to introduce a finger by bending your phalanx forward (easier if your partner realizes it).
In addition, some men have a slightly curved penis, ideal for stimulating the frontal vaginal wall, where the G-spot is located.
However, one of the best ways to stimulate this famous G spot is to use a sex toy with a curved shape. With whom you will not need any other company!
A good sex toy, with the right angle, will simply be the ideal ally of pleasure!

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