The Tour de France director praised the merits of the Tour de France 2020 course on Tuesday, on Europe 1.

Tour de France 2020


A course that honours the south of France, presents some new features, promises some extraordinary landscapes and, of course, sport: this is what awaits runners and spectators for the Tour de France 2020, whose route was unveiled on Tuesday. The Tour Director, Christian Prudhomme, praised the merits of this 107th edition at the microphone of Europe 1. “There will be entertainment, certainly, because it will be very sporting, but also madly aesthetic,” he insisted.

“It climbs from the beginning”
The riders will start from Nice. “This is only the seventh time we’ve left from the South,” says Christian Prudhomme. “Naturally, we take this opportunity to go very quickly in the Alps, then in the Massif Central and the Pyrenees, before going up to Charente-Maritime and the islands of Ré and Oléron, then to switch to the Massif Central, the Alps again and the Vosges.”

Mountain lovers will, therefore, be served. “It climbs from the start with the Turini, which is a big part of the Monte-Carlo rally,” explains Christian Prudhomme. “Then, in the big news, there will be a magnificent arrival at Le Puy Mary, in the Cantal. A very rough arrival also at the Grand Colombier in the Jura Massif.” And, the highlight of the show, what is for the Tour Director “the prototype of the pass in the 21st century”: the Col de la Loze, above Méribel. In “the last 7 kilometres, the slope breaks are absolutely phenomenal, with an extraordinary view of Mont Blanc”, Christian Prudhomme promises.

“We can’t go anywhere anymore”
However, this route forgets a large part of northern France, which the Tour director fully assumes. “In the past, the Tour was 4,000, 4,500, up to 5,700 kilometres. With the 3,500 kilometres of the TDF today, you can no longer go everywhere. On the other hand, if you overlay the cards, you see that we go everywhere over five or six years. We had made four stops in Brittany in 2018. We were further east last summer, and we will obviously come back.” And if some feel frustrated, Christian Prudhomme decides instead to take “the polemic on the bright side: people want the Tour.”

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